Manufacturing and testing consume most of our budget, which is often our primary constraint. We are always actively pursuing new sponsors in the following areas:

Monetary sponsorships are the most valuable. Monetary support gives us the most flexibility to allocate our resources with maximum efficiency.

Discounts and services allow us to operate within our tight budget and strict timelines. Past services provided include waterjet cutting, CNC machining, and laser cutting.

Software for engineering design is often priced towards large businesses, but learning how to use industry standard software packages directly benefits both us and the software companies. Our team members get to learn software that is used in industry, and companies can put their software in the hands of those who will recommend it to their future employers.

Material sponsorships often are the easiest for companies to provide. Material that is often considered “scrap” in a commercial manufacturing operation can still be suitable for our purposes. Material donations free up our available budget for components which we cannot manufacture in-house.

As a sponsor, you get:

Tax Write-Offs:
Support for WWU Racing is handled through the Western Washington University Foundation, which has 501c3 nonprofit status. All contributions to the team are tax deductible for the donor company.

Sponsors can receive logo placement on the car itself, team apparel, and shoutouts in our media and on our website. Throughout the year, we attend events and display our car both on and on campus. Our competition videos showcasing the car receive over 10,000 views annually. The level and amount of sponsorship benefits received by a donor/company is correlated to the equivalent dollar amount of the donation made.

Become a sponsor:

Take a look at our sponsorship packet, or contact sponsorship@wwuracing.com to arrange a meeting!

Thank you to all of our sponsors; we would not succeed without your generosity and support!

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