About Us


Provide students an environment to challenge themselves, expand their knowledge, and grow as a team, through real world experiences.

Who we are:

WWU Racing is a team of students of all focuses passionate about furthering our knowledge and passions through the project of developing a formula–style race car. Our business team focuses on acquiring financing, obtaining sponsorships and participating in community events to ensure the success and awareness of our team. Our engineers design, manufacture and test the car. To ensure reliability, competitiveness, and safety, we validate our designs using live test data.

Being a part of WWU Racing provides team members with knowledge which they will carry on to the real world after graduation. Engineers learn how to operate CAD systems and how to analyze data to make changes to optimize car systems. The business team learns and practices creating system budgets, cost management and public outreach. All of our team members learn the importance of goal setting, time management and communication throughout all levels of the team. Our team is focused on holding each team member accountable for their responsibilities assigned to their specific role, much like the professional world.

What we do:

For forty years the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has hosted an annual competition known as Formula SAE. The competition allows teams to test their cars and business practices against other cars built by students from across the globe. SAE provides safety and design guidelines which every team must follow. Although constraining, these rules still allow a huge amount of innovation within the engineering and design of the vehicle.

SAE requires the cars to be designed for the weekend autocross racer. This means the car must possess excellent handling, braking and acceleration capabilities. However, the car must also be affordable to purchase and maintain. Therefore, engineers must decide materials that are durable, yet cheap to source. They also must design the car for easy maintainability which requires easily accessible components.

WWU Racing proudly produces the vast majority of the components in house. Although it may sound time consuming, developing in house saves money and allows our team to gain an in depth understanding of the manufacturing process. Our engineers learn a wide variety of manufacturing techniques: machining (manual and CNC), welding, composites manufacturing, 3D printing, and more. Having an intimate knowledge of manufacturing techniques allows our engineers to more effectively design around them, both in Formula SAE and in their future careers.